Importance of planets in Prashna Kundali
  Before studying the prashna kindly, it is important to learn about which planet affects which thing and position. Every planet have their special position. Every planet depicts a special effect or a factor. So, in this case when we start solving prashna kundali, we need to understand about all these things. Sun in prashna kundali Sun is the karak of raja and is powerful in the day. It is related to the male society. It is aggressive and angry by nature. It is filled with sattva prakriti. It has a stable personality and has a complexion like that of a beautiful flower. It is full of trickleness, has an excessive bile in the body, is brave and have pingal eyes. It has beautiful personality and are full of intelligence and intellect. It have less hair and medium sized cheeks and bones and depicts alkali element. They are the owner of fourth house lord. They indicate the east direction. They love to roam in forests and are the owner of animal land and trees. Moon in prashna kundali It is related to the female. They have a fair complexion and are soft spoken. They have beautiful eyes, pure mind, curly...

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