Effects of Tenth Lord in Your Kundli
The tenth house is the house of profession and the results of this house are influenced by the tenth lord. Therefore, the house in which the tenth lord is located influences the profession of the person. If the tenth lord is situated in an auspicious house, it gives auspicious results in professional matters. If the position of the tenth lord is inauspicious, you may get opposite results or results according to the elements of the house.   Tenth Lord in the First House If the tenth lord is located in tenth house, the person is self-dependent. In this Yoga, the person works hard and gets success in his business. He is also able to remove the obstacles he may face in his life. Due to the position of the tenth lord in Ascendant, the person can accomplish all his goals without seeking anyone's help. If the tenth lord is in the Ascendant and in the sign of an auspicious planet, aspected by auspicious planet or forms a conjunction with it, the person is jolly in nature. However if tenth lord is in the sign, aspected or forms a conjunction with an inauspicious planet, his profession will be related to technology...

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