Ruby / Manik / माणिक्य रत्न

Manik : At Astrosalah we have a range of Manik i.e., Manik from Rs. 525/ Rt to Rs. 31000/ Rt.

Ruby : At Astrosalah we have a range of Ruby i.e., Manikya from Rs. 525/ Rt to Rs. 41000/ Rt.

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Healing power of Ruby

The Red cosmic rays of the Ruby are connected with Sun which in Astrology represents the Soul. It also has the ruler ship over the Bone System on which the power of the body rests. The Red Cosmic Rays of Ruby affects the concentration of the mind and thus makes the mind goal oriented making it more prone to success. People who lack concentration or have lesser understanding benefit a lot from Ruby if they have the right type of Aura.

Indian Ruby

African Ruby

New Burma Ruby

Old Burma Ruby

Heart diseases, mental problems, problems of the bones, headaches, loss of glow in skin, loss of appetite and indigestion can also be cured by the Red Cosmic Rays of the Ruby.

The basic chakra or the mooldhara chakra contains a lot of Red energy in all living beings especially humans. The quantity of red colour determines the energy level of the person. If the basic chakra is depleted of the red energy due to any reason then the person has number of problems – like weakness, lack of heat in the body, circulation of blood is disturbed, the healing of injuries take a longer time to get alright and the body is unable to fight the attacks from bacteria and the person gets sick again and again.


All the major chakras, when seen Clairevoyantly, have some red colour in them. Thus, the wearing of Ruby which transfers a lot of red cosmic energy into our system helps to strengthen all the major chakras of the body. Where bones are brittle or fractures are not healing this can be an effective remedy.


Astrological Relevance of the Ruby Gemstone Ruby Gemstone is the Gem of Star Sun and is used to empower it. It has some general benefits which include:

  1. It improves the real power of concentration. The better concentration of mind leads to all-round achievements in personal and professional life.
  2. It improves the natural process of RBC building and helps in fighting anaemia and other blood-related diseases. It gives a glow on skin and face.
  3. It is the karka of Skeleton System and thus helps to strengthen the Bones, Joints and the ligaments.
  4. It is the Gem of Sun, the most powerful body in our solar system, thus it helps achieve power, fame, glory and status.
  5. It gives emotional strength to the person to withstand deceit. It helps in strengthening the person’s Bhagya i.e., Fate in people born with Leo i.e., Shimha Lagna, Aries i.e., Mesh Lagna, and Sagittarius i.e., Dhanu Lagna. It is also strongly recommended for people born in Libra i.e., Tula Lagna as the Sun God is the lord of the eleventh house – the house of all round gains. Let us understand the Effect of Ruby Gemstone on various Nakshatras:


  1. Ashwani: Gives bright eyes and sparkle.
  2. Bharni: Inproves initiative
  3. Kritika: Sharp features
  4. Rohini: Happy domestic life.
  5. Mraga: Diginity
  6. Ardra: Wealthy
  7. Punarvasu: Magnetic personality
  8. Pushya: Honorable and upright.
  9. Ashlesha: Wise and beautiful.
  10. Magha: Fearless
  11. Purva: Straightforward and successful
  12. Uttara: Money and Love
  13. Hasta: Earns respect and wealth.
  14. Chitra: Gets unearned income.
  15. Swati: Success in business.
  16. Vishaka: Kind and loveable
  17. Anuradha: Good talker. Passionate but passive nature.
  18. Jestha: Deep thinking and professional success.
  19. Mula: Healthy and strong
  20. Purvashada: Wealth and pleasures
  21. Uttarashada: Expert in conversations.
  22. Shravan: Kind hearted and modest.
  23. Dhanishta: Great satisfaction
  24. Shatataraka: Careful and wise.
  25. Purvabhadrapada: Mystic and Occult powers
  26. Uttarabhadrapada: Money and fixed deposits.
  27. Revati: Great savings in money.

On this earth the most important is Sun, when it rises the day is created and when it goes down there is night. Its heat and light makes life on earth possible. it is the source of all energy and power. Sun and Ruby Gemstone are most important.

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