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Gems & Rashi Ratna Consultant Shweta Singh Ji

Gems & Rashi Ratna Consultant Shweta Singh Ji

Importance of Gemstones associated with their Planets

We are truly amalgamated with the elements of the universe and these elements possess divine mystical energies and powers. There are certain gems present on mother earth, each of them are associated with supernatural energy frequencies of the planets and other Dhatu of the ever-expanding universe.

Benefits of Gemstones

  • Enhance your mind sharpness and logical thinking skills
  • Raise your luck and charm more opportunities
  • Eliminates “Dosha” of the planets
  • Eliminates negativity from your life

Every Gemstone has its own sole property, characteristics and usage. Let’s take a glance at various types of gems along with their use case. 

→ Ruby ( Manik ): This gemstone is carried to obtain the presence of the powerful Sun in our “Graha-Nakshatra.” It is ruled by the Sun, the ultimate source of immense energy and power. View More

Blue Sapphire ( Neelam ):  An extremely precious blue coloured gem that possesses the powers of planet Saturn to boost chances of your success, enlights your wealth, fame and health. View More

→ Cat’s Eye ( Lehsunia ): You must have heard about “KETU” from a popular connected name “ Rahu & Ketu.” Most of the quandaries are originated from these two planetoids. Cat’s eye is very effective in cancelling all that bad luck from your life. View More

→ Emerald ( Panna ): This glistening and radiant gemstone is acknowledged as the most beautiful gem of all. Emerald possess the endowments from planet Mercury. Mercury is close to the sun and therefore withstand all the intense heat. Likewise, Emerald proffers the power to the wearer to stand strong in difficult situations and protects from them. View More

Hessonite ( Gomed ): Historically mentioned in Hindu scriptures these honey-coloured gemstones are ruled by “Rahu”, we just talked about. If your Kundli describes the ascendance of Rahu then wearing Hessonite is recommended. View more

Opal: Ruled by the neighbouring planet Venus this pretty gemstone can broadcast every colour of the spectrum. Distinguished to provide the holding capabilities and protects the wearer from every evil. View More

Pearl: “The gem of the oceans”, is reorganised best for the people with furious nature, those who lose patience very quickly. It eliminates the ill effects of the moon and calms your mind. It is usually worn with other stones to cure many health-related diseases. View More 

→ Coral: It is an important gemstone with the abilities of planet Mars. Mars is considered a very destructive and dangerous planet. Coral helps in overcoming opponents and adversaries. It significantly illuminates our mental health by reducing stress and pressure from our life. View more

→ Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj ): Another stated stone from the pure Hindu Scriptures and considered as the most prominent of all “Navratnas.” This stone holds a very significant place in the field of astrology and it has the power of the King of all planets, Planet Jupiter. Maximum gains can be drawn from this gemstone. View More

Ratna Expert Shweta: 

Every gemstone has its own unique presence and importance in the world of astrology. To know which gemstone is made for you, you need a Ratn expert and that’s where your Rashi Ratna expert Shweta comes into the picture. She is a master of gemstones recommendation according to your birth chart. Gem expert Shweta will suggest the best-suited gemstone for you and how you can get the most out of it. To get fruitful results you should discuss with our gem consultant Shweta. We promise to recommend the best according to your horoscope.

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