Face Reading

Face reading is a mysterious science and it requires a lot of practice and in-depth knowledge on the subject. If a person does not know his time and date of birth, then face reading can really help him. From birth, a person keeps on growing and changing year on year. His face also keeps on evolving with time. The face tells about your experience of life and your potential. Each and every situation a person faces leaves an impression on his face. Face reader with his experience can easily read through these impressions. Wrinkles on one’s face, the way he talks the way he looks at things tells a lot about his character, personality, beliefs, nature, spirituality, potential and circumstances. In this universe, it’s very difficult to find exact same faces and each person has different experiences and thoughts e.g if a person thinks a lot them it will show up as wrinkles on his forehead. So every face tells his story. Scientifically left brain controls over right side body and the right brain controls the left side of the body. That is why the left and right side of the face is not exactly the same e.g. right eyes are different them left eyes and eyebrows too. We can co-relate ardhnareswar shiv shakti with this theory. According to Vedic astrology females are known as Vamangini too (left side). Means according to this principle right part of the body is controlled by shiv and left part of the body controlled by shakti

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