Cat’s Eye / लहसुनिया रत्न

At Astrosalah we have a range of Cat’s Eye i.e., Lehsunia from Rs. 50/ Rt to Rs. 3100/ Rt.

You can have a look at these collections and decide what you want as per your requirement and budget.

Whatever you buy comes with a Lab Certificate, bill and Guarantee of purity and originality from us and Astrologer Shweta Singh

This is a Gem of Ketu (Dragon’s Tail ). By wearing this gem one is able to subdue his enemies and is able to remove the effect of any negative forces working on him. This gives one social recognition and sudden spurts of growth. It protects from Erratic income and bestows stability in life. This is the gem of Moksha and frees one from the cycles of life and death.

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