Effects of Tenth Lord in Your Kundli
The tenth house is the house of profession and the results of this house are influenced by the tenth lord. Therefore, the house in which the tenth lord is located influences the profession of the person. If the tenth lord is situated in an auspicious house, it gives auspicious results in professional matters. If the position of the tenth lord is inauspicious, you may get opposite results or results according to the elements of the house.   Tenth Lord in the First House If the tenth lord is located in tenth house, the person is self-dependent. In this Yoga, the person works hard and gets success in his business. He is also able to remove the obstacles he may face in his life. Due to the position of the tenth lord in Ascendant, the person can accomplish all his goals without seeking anyone's help. If the tenth lord is in the Ascendant and in the sign of an auspicious planet, aspected by auspicious planet or forms a conjunction with it, the person is jolly in nature. However if tenth lord is in the sign, aspected or forms a conjunction with an inauspicious planet, his profession will be related to technology...

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True Astrology Predictions in year 2020
India witnessed the biggest jump in COVID-19 cases from March 27 to March 28, with 149 patients testing positive for the disease. Over 900 cases have been reported, including 20 deaths. The Union health ministry, had said two days ago that the rate of increase in infections has stabilised. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while discussing COVID-19-related issues with people in Varanasi via video-conferencing, said the fight against coronavirus will be won in 21 days. “The battle of Mahabharata was won in 18 days, and the fight against coronavirus will take 21 days,” he said. Prominent astrologers in the country The Week spoke to exuded the same confidence. Astrologer Chithrabhanu K. Poduval said the number of cases would reduce after April 15, but he said it will be around mid-June that India will be able to completely eradicate coronavirus. “By imposing the lockdown, I feel PM Modi is encouraging citizens to be safe and trying to reduce the number of people who are getting infected,” said Poduval. “But the world will suffer because of the virus in some manner or the other till September.” Poduval said that in his assessment, the virus came into existence because of deep-sea fishing in northeast...

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