Relation of Palmistry and Astrology

Palm reading is an ancient art that was very precious to the Babylonians, and it took a history of piousness, wisdom, and study to be able to successfully achieve the level of wisdom required to be a palm reader. In this time and age although not as socially acceptable, it is still fascinating and amusing for most of us and thus only makes sense to read up on it and see how it works and what involves hand reading. Continue reading to know amusing facts and read interesting paragraphs about freehand reading.

Palmistry and Astrology

In ancient times palm reading was a custom, it was mostly done when a person was in a hard place in life or even on a regular basis sometimes. Very often before making a decision the individual(s) would go to visit a palm reader. The idea was that gods and stars; heavenly bodies and sacred bodies, together determined a palm reading. Even today it is strongly believed that astrology has a major if not the only role to play in any palmistry reading.

In ancient times all kinds of guidance were sought from the stars and planets. They showed direction, they taught history, and they told the future. In the present day, it is still taken seriously to a certain extent. However, due to advancement in science and technology, the fame and reputation have died down that it once had.

palm reading

This article is all about the basics of palm reading. Now whether you are or are not a believer, it cannot hurt to learn whether you do so with the intention of the ability of party trick or to be able to tell your own and your friend’s futures. The basics of palm reading comprise of certain very basic concepts such as the lines. There are many kinds of lines to consider when reading a palm.


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