Astrologer Shweta Singh

I am a dynamic astrologer with in-depth knowledge of palmistry, Vedic Jyotish. I have been helping my client find happiness through the ups and downs of their life. I have experience of more than 15 years. I have been a part of various tv Programs and have appeared several TV channels

I have also worked as a Lead Astrologer at Mystic Centre of Kingdom of Dreams. She used to provide consultations to visiting clients based on Palmistry and Kundli

My stars have guided me to become an astrologer. My purpose in taking astrology is to raise positive energy in the lives of my clients. Every person in this world wants to lead a blissful, happy and fulfilling life. They try to give their best to fulfil their desires. But despite their best efforts, the results that they get are not satisfactory. Continuous repetition of such fates brings in discouragement and depression.

I have also witnessed that sometimes a person seeks to achieve a target in his life. He goes all out towards the target thinking that once he achieves his target, he will feel fulfilled. On achievement of that, he feels empty. Then he fells lost and thinks that his life is waste. He becomes clueless.

I seek to understand what a person needs in his life with the help of his horoscope or palm reading. Then I try to understand the issues that he is facing in his life. Based on my reading results I find the challenges and the cause of these challenges. Then I help the person address the challenges to move in the direction of perpetual happiness.



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